Dining Room

Our kitchen serves between 220-280 meals a day.

Donations of turkeys, hams, and ground beef help us to provide a nutritious lunch.

Other needed items include

oatmeal, cereal, sugar (regular and brown), orange juice, and fresh fruit.

Assorted types of spices and seasonings are always in high demand.

Consider celebrating the Fourth of July and holidays by contributing hamburger and hot dogs for 100 - 125.

Celebrate birthdays and other events by asking friends and family to donate to St.Vincent de Paul Place.

The health department does not allow us to accept food that has been on display to the public.


Note: We welcome all food donations and anything donated will make its way to those in need.

Donations need to be in an unopened container and within the expiration date.


Tuna Fish or Canned Meat                750 Cans/Week

We give out six ounce cans of tuna fish or any size canned protein such as Spam, ravioli, and spaghetti and meatballs.

Pasta        400 Boxes/Week

We give out one pound boxes and bags of all types. Spaghetti is always popular.

Pasta Sauce       300 Cans/Week

The best type is the large 24oz cans of pasta sauce that cost about $1.00. (Glass containers can break during transport.) Flavored sauces with meat or cheese are the most popular.

Canned Soup         500 Cans/Week

We give out both the small 10 ounce size and the larger 18 ounce size. Flavors with meat in them are popular.

Dried Beans           180 lbs /Week

Baked beans and pork and beans are popular, but all types of beans are welcome, especially by some ethnic groups.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

All brands and sizes are welcome, but we prefer the types in plastic containers. (Again, to avoid shattered glass containers.)  Smaller or medium sizes make it possible to give to multiple families

Spaghettios are wonderful for our homeless population.