Getting Support

Not knowing where to turn or who to talk to when you have become homeless or are at risk of losing your housing can be daunting. If you have already lost your housing and have nowhere to go or you are at risk of becoming homeless, we encourage you to reach out to us and speak with our case manager about options that may be available for you.

Homelessness Assessments / Navigating the CAN process

Since the spring of 2015, Connecticut created a homeless system that has been designed to better address homelessness in our state. The CAN (Coordinated Access Network) includes a number of participating agencies and involves several steps including a call to 211 to register as homeless and to set up a homeless assessment at a designated location.

Any individual or family that is experiencing homelessness should call 211 (Option 3 and then Option 1).

Our case manager can assist anyone needing to call 211 to ensure that they have registered and get an appointment to address their homelessness. She can provide a limited number of homeless assessments for individuals on a case by case basis.

Case Management Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm