Personal Care

We give personal care products to families once a month. We also provide showers for anyone without access to a shower. 
Can you imagine going for a job interview but not being able to get cleaned up.  Deodorant is always in short supply.

Please contact one of the following stores to arrange for a delivery of the items you chose.
Then send us a description of your gift with your name and address so we can send you a thank you for tax purposes.

Our Delivery address:  120 Cliff St, Norwich, CT 06360  Phone  860-889-7374

Stop & Shop 70 Town Street, Norwich,CT(860) 887-1611 website

Shop-Rite 634 West Main Street Norwich,CT (860) 887-0409 website

Walmart 220 Salem Turnpike, Norwich, CT   (860) 889-7745 website

Theresa Donatelli