Six Month Summary Report

Summary Report:   January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017

 Community Meals Program

Our served-meals program operated 155 days during the first 6 months of 2017, providing over 33,000 breakfasts and mid-day main meals, an average of 215 meals per day.  An additional 7,200 sandwiches and miscellaneous meals bring the total to more than 40,000 meals.

 Food Pantry Program

During the same time period, our pantry distributed 214,000 meals to more than 1,000 households.  Pantry participants included 1,700 adults, almost 900 children, and 286 senior citizens.  They represented 24 towns and cities in Connecticut.  Counting each household member on each pantry visits yields over 19,000 (duplicated) people who received food. 


Over 100 active volunteers provided 10,511 hours of service to the ministry, the equivalent of 10 staff members for the 6-month period.  They are a daily example of how our faith calls us to action.  We celebrated everyone’s tireless efforts at our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luau on June 25th. .

 Care and Advocacy

Our case manager provides options for self-advocacy, housing, treatment, and recovery to anyone who is struggling with issues such as unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, medical or mental health issues, or substance abuse. She contributed to ending homelessness by navigating through the Coordinated Access Network for those facing housing crisis.                                            Care and Advocacy Services

Assessments    554

Homeless Intakes 33

# of people receiving financial assistance 117

Detox/Treatment 19

Showers 652

                                Hygiene 1,942


Serving the Community

Clean Ups

Starting in March 2014, Reliance House and St. Vincent de Paul Place have collaborated with other organizations to conduct monthly community cleanups from March through September. 




Date                            Area                                        Volunteers     Pounds of garbage

March 25, 2017          Cliff Street neighborhood            20                           2,820

April 29, 2017             Downtown Norwich                       9                           1,440

May 27, 2017              Lake Street                                   60                           6,860

June 25, 2017              Greeneville                                  12                           2,860

Total:                                                                               102                         13,980 pounds




For the second year of a three year pilot program, St. Vincent de Paul Place has partnered with the Connecticut Humane Society, Norwich Human Services, Norwich City Clerk’s office, Norwich Animal Control, and the Norwich Community Policing Unit to provide pet wellness clinics to low income households.  With funding from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, the partners hosted three (April, May and June) Norwich Pet Wellness clinics providing vaccinations and care to pets.  Dogs were also provided with licenses paid for by Norwich Human Services and St. Vincent de Paul Place.  Numbers to date include the following:

          Pets Served: 113 dogs and 66 cats

Families Served: 99                 Seresto Collars: 158

Wellness Exams: 71                Nail Trims: 114
Rabies Vaccines: 44                Dog Licenses: 33
Distemper Vaccines: 5            Pet food: 1,494 households

Heartworm Tests: 45              Heartworm Preventatives: 30


Corinne Kelly