Max's birthday collection for St. Vincent de Paul Place

A heartfelt thank you to our friend Max! For his 11th birthday, he asked friends to donate to St. Vincent de Paul Place, because he wanted to help others.  He and his friends were thrilled to help others. We are humbled by your generosity Max and friends, thanks for setting a great example for others.

Max's collection:
10 Boxes of Pasta
7 jars pasta sauce
Minute Rice
Fish Fry
Corn Muffin Mix
15 canned vegetables
11 Cans Beans
2 Canned peaches
2 Chef Boyardee
9 diced tomatoes
23 Tuna
2 cookie Mix
2 Lipton rice pouches
1 Mashed Potatoes
12 ramen noodle packs
4 shampoo
3 Conditioner
3 Body Wash
7 packs of flossers
12 toothbrushes
5 toothpaste
1 mouthwash
Cotton swabs
5 pack of razors
Shaving cream
3 chapstick
Comb & brush
8 pack tissues
Travel Mug

Theresa Donatelli