Acts of Kindness Bestowed Upon SVdPP

We have been the beneficiaries of many generous acts this summer at SVdPP. Kiley and her brother Kaden, made sandwiches for us, as part of the 96 acts of kindness they are doing to honor the memory of their recently departed 96 year old great aunt. Emily & Nate made sandwiches for us over their summer break, after learning that we hand out an average of 50 sandwiches daily for patrons who are at work or school during lunchtime, or who may take one home for an evening meal when we are closed. The youth Group at Our Lady of Lourdes, and the NFA-Sachem Academy students brought us sandwiches, too, along with handwritten notes of encouragement. Members of the First Baptist Church of Norwich Youth Group, along with their Pastor Sam Chesser, held an ice cream social for us one afternoon.


Each one of these young people has made a large impact on the lives of others. We are grateful for your generosity to those in need!

Theresa Donatelli