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We are about food...but we are also about hope, dignity, and new beginnings...

In 2017, we have given out more than 500,000 meals and helped thousands of families and children. 

We could not do what we do without the help of donors and volunteers.

We have more than 150 active volunteers who have worked more than 27,000 hours this year (that’s the equivalent of 12 paid full-time staff members) 

Thank you and may God Bless you! 

Pleasr read about a few of our success stories:



A well-dressed mother of three came through our Santa’s workshop. She picked out some toys, then whispered “Thank you, I have a cancer treatment this afternoon and the illness has cost us dearly.  I did not think we would even have a Christmas.”



We recently helped a gentleman who had been chronically homeless (living in a tent for five years), to obtain stable housing. He is now one of our volunteers, and delivered meals for us on Christmas Day to those that are housebound. 




A foster mom caring for extra children when she herself needs help, all she spoke about was what she could do for her the children in her care .She came for food, we also gave her toys and books for the children. 


They all gave us the true spirit of Christmas.