Give your neighbor a Thanksgiving feast. We need the following for our Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  Potatoes - white and sweet, onions, sugar, coffee, butter, coffee creamer, Chinet dinner paper plates, Chinet paper platters, hot/cold cups, and napkins. If we get more of these than we need for that day they will be used on another day. Please bring these items in before Monday, November 19.

Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys  if you have one or are given a turkey that you are not using please consider donating it. Keep it frozen or if it is a fresh bird freeze it and bring it in anytime even after the holiday. We use turkey all year round and depend on donations during the holiday  season to supply this valuable protein.

Give your time and talents. We have a need for a small number of drivers to deliver meals to the home bound on Thanksgiving Day.  We can always use your time as a volunteer throughout the year.

 Keep our dining room warm.  Your donation of $75 pays the utility bill for one day, $525 covers one week of  gas, electricity, and water.

Your monetary gifts are extremely helpful, you can donate by credit card securely via our website.

"If you are really thankful, what do you do?, you share" - W. Clement Stone