Christmas Miracles Through the Years

We want you to know about some of the "little" miracles that happened over the years that make our Christmas seasons so blessed. These are all a result the generous donations we receive.  God bless our donors.

  • One Christmas season, we received one gift certificate for a haircut, that same Christmas we received one request for a haircut.
  • One Christmas season, we had one small Charlie Brown Christmas tree, that year we had one request for a small Christmas tree.
  • One Christmas season, one of the families we gave gifts to came up a little short. The volunteer in charge took it upon herself to get a few more things for this family. On Christmas Eve, the Mom called- her sister had just gone into a drug rehab program, she now had her two nieces to care for. Since she had received the extra items, she would have enough to make Christmas for her suddenly larger family.
  • One Christmas season, we gave hat, gloves and books to all the children whose families come to the pantry and the dining room. Many of them received a ham, too. THANKS TO YOU!
  • One Christmas season, one generous woman bought enough roast beef to serve our 200 Christmas Dinner guests.
  • One Christmas season, one man dropped off a $500 gift card. He just waved as he left, not leaving his name. Thank you, whoever you are!
  • One Christmas season, one lovely couple came four days in a row with gloves and hats, then asked what more they could do.
  • One Christmas season, two new volunteers came and helped organize all the Christmas gifts, food and donations, Our supplies have never been so orderly.
  • One Christmas season, the local schools gave us hygiene items we desperately needed, all of the items were organized and gathered by one of our board members.

Join us during the holiday seasons you will be part of the  miracle that began with the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ and continues to happen here at St.Vincent de Paul Place.


WHY NOT Organize a Dress Down Day at your school or workplace? Ask that your employees or co-workers donate a monetary,food or hygiene item for St. Vincent de Paul Place, to participate in the casual dress code day. If your school, workplace, or organization would like to volunteer to gather food or hygiene items, or volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul Place, please contact us at 860-889-7374.


What do you want for YOUR BIRTHDAY?

She wants to be anonymous. Her birthday was last week. She sent out St. Vincent de Paul fliers with her invitations. She is very modern, even posted her party on Facebook.

The day came, the guests came, and the food came.

The next day, she delivered all 245 pounds to St. Vincent's. We do not know her name, she is one of our many angels. We respect her wish to be anonymous, but we want to shout out to the heavens-Thank you!!