Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

The patrons we serve come to us in need of basic human needs and housing.  Each one has a different story that has led them to Saint Vincent de Paul Place for help.  At times you might see a former classmate, neighbor or friend, or you may overhear information about our residents/clients.

All records and information relating to SVdPP or its patrons and staff are considered confidential.  No SVdPP records or related information including, but not limited to, documents, notes, files, records, oral information, computer files, or similar materials (except in the ordinary course of performing duties on behalf of SVdPP) may be removed from SVdPP without permission of the executive director.  Additionally, the contents of the records or information obtained in regard to business may not be disclosed to anyone, unless given permission from the executive director.

What this means for you as a volunteer at SVdPP is that you may not disclose any confidential information, purposefully or inadvertently through casual conversation, to any unauthorized person unless given permission from the executive director.  You should not discuss any information related to our patrons with friends or family.  If you see any of the patrons out in public, you will not acknowledge them unless they greet you first, thus respecting their privacy and the confidentiality of their status.  

By my signature below, I indicate that I understand and agree to abide by these confidentiality standards while volunteering at Saint Vincent de Paul Place.  


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